How can this kind of people get FOUR MORE YEARS??

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  • That’s because a lot of Americans are stupid.

    If you look at the states that went to Bush – most are southern and mid-western states. States with lots of space and lots of space in people’s heads.

    In my family, the three acknowledged “wise men” – my grandfather, me, and my brother who is a doctor, voted for Kerry. The rest of my family – my wife, my mom, my sister and her husband, my other brother (and his wife probably) voted for Bush.

    Not surprising.

  • immense sorrow. it’s disturbing to know that bush won the popular vote by millions. how scary to see the overwhelming redness in the middle of america.

  • Simply no hope for this country.

  • Bush’s voters , to certain extent , resemble HK’s DAB and Democrac Party’s voters — too simple , always naive — so they choose a candidate who behaves naive

    — KCR

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  • 說下去之前, 容我先說一聲:God bless America.
    結果如此, 惟有接受事實, 尊重美國民眾的選擇 (當然不是所有民眾).
    事實再次證明, 政治是一場比現實更具真實性的利害遊戲,
    誰控制媒體, 誰控制企業, 便是政治上的可能勝利者.
    我已經在〈從《華氏911》閱讀美國〉一文已經說了有關的感受, 在此不贅.
    另外,不管怎麼樣也不能說”大多數美國人民(尤其是位於南部及中西部的)全是stupid”之類帶有歧視性標籤性的字眼. 一來對人家不公平(憑什麼如此武斷地說什麼人是愚蠢什麼人是聰明呢?我在〈從《華氏911》閱讀美國〉一文亦極其量說美國人大多是天真而已); 二來說出這樣的”抹黑”話語, 和小布殊”老屈”伊拉克在本質上又有什麼分別哩? 不單在解釋上流於簡單和片面, 更有”五十步笑百步”之嫌.

  • just like to say, “thy shall be done on Earth as in the Utopia”.


  • “Stupid” – is not discriminatory.

    “Unwise” may be more appropriate.

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