Snow Fox

今天收到十月號的《國家地理》雜誌,其中一篇專題,是講在北極圈一帶生長的Snow Fox,題為”Seasons of the Snow Fox”。當中由攝影師Robert Rosing拍下的這張照片,實在拍得太可愛了,於是放工回家後,立刻出動Scanner,公諸各界友好!

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  • Why are there so many ???? in your blog? Is this a new language that I should learn? Do tell. Thanks.

  • You should use “Unicode (UTF-8)” for encoding. I am using IE and it’s fine – perhaps you are using other browsers?

  • Then we have the same opinion! I read National Geographic like you, and I was instantly charmed by this little snow fox. It is just so CUTE~~ Delicate and snow white, this fox can rival panda.

  • about all those ??? … i am using netscape 7.1 as my browser. are those questions marks just place markers for some other language?

  • Well, the situation is that my entries are written in Chinese. So I guess if your system and/or browser doesn’t support Chinese characters, there’s nothing I can do. Hope you will understand that.

  • 我一廂情願地覺得, 牠的樣子像我~~ ^o^

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    Q 到爆啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    We are doing a report in literature on a story in national geographic, and when I saw that picture of that snow fox, my heart melted. I just had to write my report on it!!! Thanks for posting that pic. Just gotta love it!!!! :-) Thanks!!!!!!!:-)

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