For those who visited my blog…

This is an entry dedicated to those who visited my blog recently – from overseas.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your message! I have read your comments, and know that I am not “alone” in the world of blog. I don’t know how you come to my blog – by random selection, by place of birth, or even by my picture… what I can only say is a big THANK YOU!

“Modern Monk” of NYC, I have visited your blog as well as your website, they are just brilliant! I only wish I could have the talent to build a website as good (and as beautiful) as yours, but I am only good (ok, relatively) at writing, so this blog become my only “tool” to convey my thoughts. BTW, who’s your favourite actress in SATC?

“Toffee” of Texas, it’s a pity that you can’t read Chinese, perhaps you can ask someone to translate it for you, if you want to know more about me. Being born and raised in Hong Kong, Chinese become my first medium to express myself. Of course, I am not saying my English is bad (though I lost my touches these years, oops), but Chinese is a better tool for me. Hope you can understand! BTW, I visited your blog too, but it seems you are busy these days…

Hope we can “visit” each other again in the future!

2 Responses to “For those who visited my blog…”

  • your blog was featured in the united federation of bloggers (part one).

    it’s a shame because i didn’t use any fancy softwares to build my website (only microsoft word and simple html).

    the ladies in SATC? i love them all… don’t have a facourite in particular. –k

  • I also found your blog from The United Federation of Bloggers. As a naturalized American citizen who calls Hong Kong his homeland, I enjoy your blog thoroughly.

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